About fit foot

Hi! I’m Janice, and I’m the voice (and indeed the foot!) behind the fit foot blog.

There are numerous reasons for starting this blog and sharing my trials, tribulations and general musings with you which we’ll explore as we get to know each other better. However, the thing that finally made me stop procrastinating and sit down to start typing is impending foot surgery. Yes folks at the ripe old age of 41 (sob!) my foot has decided to give up on me and needs a fix.

Now, I suspect at this point you’re thinking “this is not a very sexy topic” … but bare with me, theres a lot more to it than scalpels and crutches! You see I love exercise (honestly I do!) but I suspect like a lot of you I struggle with my eating habits, I struggle with my motivation and I struggle with real life getting in the way. Consequently despite periods of focused and challenging exercise I never seem to get anywhere. I simply swing merrily between weight loss and weight gain. Does any of this sound familiar?

So, you know what I’M DONE! It’s time to change the record.

The question I’m currently asking myself is “OK, smarty pants how can you achieve this when you’re about to be off your feet for 2 months?”. My answer is “Mmmm, thats a toughy … lets start with this blog and see how we go shall we?”

In summary this blog is intended to be an adventure. Think of it as the journey of me and my intrepid foot as we prepare for surgery, rehabilitate and come out the other side fighting fit and FABULOUS!

(P.S) Come join me …. and don’t be scared, I’ll do the horrible bits and you can be a good friend and hold my hand!

x Janice

Handy Bear to Hide the Double Chin!

3 thoughts on “About fit foot

  1. Cute; bear looks all right as well…and crikey, I hope that surgery goes okay (have you had it yet?)…

    Motivation, well tricky one sometimes I find, but just getting out on an adventure is usually enough to motivate me…and I look forward to hearing about your adventures. take care!

  2. Haha, thanks Landy. Yes the surgery took place 10 days ago so all adventures at present need to take place within my four walls. That’s why I plan to live vicariously through yours, climb a mountain for me!

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