Friend Makin’ Mondays – Quick and Easy …

Monday is here again and it’s time for a quick FMM. Quick and Easy Questions 1. What time did you go to bed last night? About 11pm, but I then had a 30 minute Whatsapp ‘chat’ with my friend in NY, then I couldn’t sleep. Grrrrr! 2. What is the last thing that made you […]

Friend Makin’ Mondays – Taboo Subjects …

Well that weekend went in the blink of an eye! Hope you all had a good few days rest. As for me, on Saturday I completed a mid morning Spin Class. In the afternoon I cooked for my parents, making chicken fajitas on wholemeal wheat tortillas and they were good! On Sunday I did the […]

Friend Makin’ Mondays is Back …

It’s my first day back at work today following the holidays, albeit working in my pyjamas from home! I feel well rested and I’m ready to focus on my goals for the first part of 2014. I’m looking to reintroduce good habits and routine into my life. I know for some people routine = boring! […]

Friend Makin’ Mondays – Food Matters ….

Happy Monday one and all! I’ve just returned from a week long business trip to Western Kazakhstan and I’m catching up on emails and blog posts. I haven’t participated in FMM’s for quite some time, so let’s change that now … If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, […]

Friend Makin’ Mondays … Ten things that make me happy :-)

What a great, great weekend … Saturday was spent at The London Anniversary Games (The London Diamond League Athletics) watching the likes of Mo Farah and the legend that is Usain Bolt. It was fantastic to experience the atmosphere of 60,000 people in that iconic Olympic Stadium. Sunday included some long over due housework, a […]