Blue n’ Green Juice …

After a weeks over indulgence in NYC and an impending visit back to Kazakhstan I feel like my body is screaming for vitamins. In a bid to be kind I made this blue n’ green combo when I returned from work this evening. Ingredients 3 x small golden delicious apples 1/2 a punnet of blueberries […]

Ruby Juice …

Another goody from Jason Vale’s ‘The Funky Fresh Juice Book’. This is the first time I’ve experimented with Beetroot in a juice and if I’m honest I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it. However the result is delicious. The combination of ingredients is beautifully balanced and the Beetroot delivers an almost creamy flavour. Beetroot is […]

Carrot, Apple & Ginger Juice …

This juice just tastes clean, nutritious and full of vitality. Ingredients:- Granny Smith apples A generous slice of fresh ginger (or three!) Carrots Juice everything together, making sure you breath deeply as the ginger smells wonderful! Serve over ice and enjoy. I’m making something with Beetroot today. A colour explosion will follow on this blog […]

Green Fruit n Veg Juice …

This morning I woke up in need of a tonic. A few minutes rifling around in the fridge led me to create this green fruit and vegetable juice. It tastes great and is packed full of vitamins and minerals. Ingredients:- 2 x Granny Smith apples 1 x Conference pear A piece of fresh ginger 1 […]

A Handful of Everything Juice …..

Sometimes (for example when you’re about to go abroad for 3 weeks) it’s important to use up everything in the fridge and when you throw those random ingredients together you get a lovely surprise! That’s how I found out this little lot made a great tasting juice. As usual I threw everything in the juicer […]

Perfecting a Juice ….

The thing I’m learning about juicing is that anything goes. I mean yes, there are zillions of recipes out there but it’s quite difficult to make a bad juice. Often just chucking in what you have in the fridge works wonders. Since I started juicing I’ve only had one juice that wasn’t quite right. I […]

Pineapple, Mint & Cucumber Cooler ….

After eating my own body weight in pancakes yesterday I thought a day of mindful eating choices might be a good idea. This juice recipe is another of Jason Vale’s and is featured in the book ‘The Funky Fresh Juice Book’. Ingredients:- 1/2 a medium pineapple 1/4 medium cucumber 1 large handful of fresh mint […]

Mineral Magic ….

After yesterday’s kick start back into exercise I’m aching a little, especially in the arm department. It’s all good though, it’s a feeling I’ve missed these last few months. With this in mind I thought something vitamin and mineral rich was in order so I made another vegetable based juice from Jason Vale’s ‘Funky Fresh […]