Tuesday Eats #4, 2014

It’s been an up and down week on the eating front. First couple of days were on point, the second couple of days I felt a bit out of sorts and didn’t eat enough, and then, there was a long weekend in Brighton and Hove. Yesterday I had an appointment all morning and errands to […]

In Search of a Little Balance

I arrived back in Kazakhstan on Monday night. I’ve vowed that during this visit I will achieve a better balance on the eating,  working and gym front. For breakfasts I’m going for vegetarian omelettes and grapefruit. I’m taking fruit into the office and limiting my portions by having a tupperware container on hand to half […]

Fit Foot Fab Day ….

Happy Thursday everyone, I’m having having a great day so far … I hope you are to! Firstly today is the day I can officially dispense with crutch #2 … hooray! It’s been a long old road to recovery from November until now but I’m limping ever closer. Theres still a way to go, I […]