February Fitness – Week 2

At last the effort I’m putting in is starting to make a difference. Last week I lost 5lbs, yes people, 5lbs & I worked for every last ounce!

On the food front it was more protein and smidgin less carb. On the exercise front, whilst I didn’t get to the gym as much as I would have liked I worked out at a consistently high intensity to make a difference. You gotta love Circuit Training!

So here’s how I did last week …

She believed ..

Tuesday 4th February – PT session with Lauren involving the TRX, Kettle Bell Squats, Rope Work and Treadmill Intervals.

Wednesday 5th – Friday 7th were gym free zones. This was due mostly to the blasted strike by London Underground workers, meaning the other half needed the car more than me and secondly, by having to go the Kazakhstan Embassy to pick up my Visa for 2014.

Saturday 8th February – Morning Spin Class. I learnt a lesson that morning, NEVER judge an instructor by their cover. The normal instructor Tom had a weekend off so in stepped Julie. Now Julie looked to me like a kindly Auntie, mid 50’s at a guess, all friendly and smiley. At the beginning she said work to your own resistance and I thought “this is going to be dull”. Wrong! How many standing sprints can you fit into 45 minutes? Lots apparently! My red face and shocked lungs reflected how challenging her class was, phewee!

Sunday 9th February – Morning Cardio Conditioning Class with ex professional cheerleader, Kimberly. This really is a circuit class but one that gets progressively more on crack as the hours goes on. We started with a warm up followed by circuit 1 with 30 seconds at each station. Circuit 2 we completed 1 minute at each station. Circuits 3 & 4 were evil 20 second bursts at each station. I knew I was in trouble on the last 2 as it became increasingly difficult to spring back up if the station was a floor exercise to standing exercise. Abs and a final burst of cardio followed, before stretching and being reunited with my heart. Anyway, I survived .. pat on the back Fit Foot.

Monday 10th February – I walked into lunchtime Spin class to be met with my PT and Circuit Class trainer, Lauren. She just laughed a wicked laugh when she saw me. It’s the first time I’ve done Lauren’s Spin Class and I sweated buckets. In the evening I headed back to the Gym for Circuit Training. I could really feel the earlier class in my legs but gave it 100%.

Today my new exercise mat and carry bag turned up ready for its trip to Kazakhstan the week after next. The gym, residents of my apartments can use is a walk outside to another building. With snow, ice and temperatures of up to -47 with windchill lets not kid ourselves that I’m spending two weeks visiting said gym. Indoor exercise in my apartment will be the order of the day.

Very positive week, yay!

8 thoughts on “February Fitness – Week 2

    • Thanks Jenny … Next challenge ahead is staying on track when I’m working overseas for a few weeks. Fingers crossed I can at the very least maintain the good start I’ve made.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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